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The gentle art of not giving a shit

 Stoner metal rock band from Brighton.  Dead Jaw is about taking rock and roll back to a primal and elemental thing.  A three-piece driven by a passion and obsession to create noise and fury.   Influences from Red Fang, Sasquatch and Orange Goblin

Next time out at the 
Hope and Ruin on 19 October supporting Sypha and then headlining the Caroline of Brunswick on 27 October

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Meet Dead Jaw

Behind the Music

Manny plays the guitar and mostly shouts.  Phil plays the bass and adds backing shouting. Deano plays the drums



Born out of a bar brawl

Phil was on his way back from buying some fresh bass strings.  It was thirsty work, so he decided to stop off for a beer in a local hostelry.  

In a classic example of being in the wrong place at the wrong time he found himself confronted by three very drunk and very larey dudes who were hell bent on doing him no good.  For some reason they had taken offence to his Red Fang T shirt.

As the noise escalated, the drama was noticed by Many and Deano who were sitting at a table across the pub.  Fortunately for Phil they didn’t like his odds and moved in to even up the numbers.  In the face of the new recruits and the landlord, the drunken dudes retreated and left the pub, shouting threats and abuse as they left.

A shaken but not stirred Phil thanked Many and Deano for their seventh cavalry act and offered them a beer.  As they sat down, Phil put his new bass strings on the table and to cut a long story short, Dead Jaw was born.


Dead Jaw has played several gigs locally in Brighton.


What people say


Bloke at first gig – “Best thing I have heard in years”


El Capi Radio – “So fucking cool”


Punk legend - "Great energy band with some powerful guitar licks and cool songs."

Get in touch

Find out about upcoming events and releases and join the Jaw Riders for beers and fun

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